New Website

After several years of really not paying enough attention, the best of intentions regarding this website have been at least approached, if not utterly fulfilled.  All the music is now available more simply on the player, which should be to your left on a computer screen or tablet,  or a bit lower down the page on a mobile device.  Any details about it can be found on the 'CD's & Downloads' page.  Going there doesn't mean you necessarily have to buy things, but you can find out about them and if you do buy them it really helps to keep all this stuff going, so thank you in advance in case that happens.

There's information about what I do all day, because it has for some time appeared as if it's not much, when actually it's quite a lot and I'm very lucky to be able to do it.  There's also a little bit about booking me for live shows at pubs or other places, should you be brave or foolhardy enough to do so, and under 'Videos', some YouTube links for some songs which may not be included on this site, including the long lost theme tune to Channel 5's 'A Different Life', recorded in my living room in about 1746.  This was put my way by Charlie Gauvain of Eye Film and lots of years later he very kindly edited together all our home shot footage into a watchable video for Father Christmas too.  

There are contact details, a guestbook if there's anything nice you feel you can honestly say about anything on here,  Facebook and Twitter links if you want a quick route out and a mailing list you can join if you don't.  There is also a page of radio things and press mentions, including a bunch of of Geist press cuttings recently sent to me by Neill Tupman, whose administrative rigour clearly knocks spots off mine.  Heaps of right old nonsense was written about Geist in the early 00's, comparing us to Coldplay and Travis of all things, and generally missing the point entirely in hackneyed language, so I've just included the ones that were nice to read, rather than the ones that made me wince. 

Finally there's a link to the Prime8 Eco Project. This is an in-development web-based adventure for kids, which will enable them to learn about preserving the environment by building a new society in Primasia, the 8th Continent.  I seem to have inadvertently taken  on the responsibility of the music and noisy bits and there's a cartoon on the videos page accompanying an entirely different version of 'For Want Of Something Better', involving a caterpillar and a hippo amongst others.  The new website won't go live until Friday 9th March, but the old one is there until then.

In the meantime, thank you for reading if you did.  Please contact me if you want any more information about any of the above.