Jon McDevitt -

My main occupation is the provision of musical entertainment and therapy to a wide range of different care homes.  I also play some pubs, events and songwriter show cases as and when they come up.  Details of of all these things can be found on the Bookings page.  As far as all the recorded material goes, I'm on vocals, guitars and sometimes piano, keyboards, cogitation, bass, harmonica, mandolin, banjo, tea-making, recording, mixing, arctic explorer, percussion, loop arranging, web site, bookings, admin, cleaning, maintenance, production, private detective and carpenter.  One of those isn't true.  Actually three or four of them aren't true and some of them are only correct in the vaguest sense.  Some of them aren't even plausible given my attention span.

Neill Tupman -

Has made all sorts of different guitar noises since about 1990. Some of them can be heard in some of these songs.  He's also played in more bands than you can reasonably shake a stick at without a run up and is an architect in his spare time.  I think he draws a thing and then a boat parks in it.  Something like that.

Mike Turk - Bass

Mike makes a very welcome return for the new album, 'The River and The Burial Ground'.  Having been the first Geist bass player that wasn't me faking it on the wrong instrument, back when Tony Blair was a thing, he was persuaded (coerced) back for this set of recordings.  I'm very pleased, partly because he's damned good company, but mainly because he always seems to get what I'm trying to do.  Understated taste and all that.

Stuart Francis -

Stu plays on ships and in hotels all over the world and is very difficult to nail down for recording sessions, due to being on ships and in hotels all over the world.  He tried going to college to learn more about drumming, but they said he was better than the teachers they had and would he like to be one.  He tried it but prefers drumming on ships and in hotels all over the world. He writes extraordinary amounts of music himself and can be found on Soundcloud and elsewhere under 'Spectre' if you want to hear it.  He also grows customised marigolds in his spare time and wants world peace. 

Dave Coston -

Dave is a co-writer, long-suffering collaborator, marvellous pianist (have a listen to 'Half A Life Unlived') and player of whichever instruments no one else is around to play. We've recorded several tracks and performed a fair amount just as a duo. We've also spent many hours fixing up knackered studio equipment and cursing computers. Dave has, like Stu, played on lots of ships.  He also has the finest collection of absolutely amazing old 7" singles and another of absolutely terrible films on DVD. Really. The worst. Unfortunately he hasn't been seen in 40 years.