Single, dates and a violinist please.

Sorry it's been a while, but have moved house, moved cars, moved a couple of mountains (although hopefully nobody to tears).  There'll be more dates added over the next while for playing original material.  The first of these is Thursday August 16th at 8pm at The Hop Yard in Forest Row, East Sussex.  I'll also be playing something less formal at The Wheatsheaf in Crowborough on Monday 28th May at 3pm.

There'll be a new song available for download and on Spotify etc very soon, called 'Half A Life Unlived', written by myself, Dave Coston and Dominic Hudson, it's one of my favourite songs and I've been meaning to make it more public for ages, so I'll get that out in the next couple of weeks.

I'm also looking for a violinist / fiddle player (define as you wish) who might be interested in doing a few gigs.  You can hear some of Anna's marvellous playing on the tracks available on this site, but between playing with Frank Turner's band, living too far away and having a baby boy to look after, I'm not sure asking her to fit in the travelling time for gigs would be met with a favourable response these days.  If anyone is interested or  knows anyone who's interested in the East Grinstead area, please contact me through the details on the, erm, contact page.  Being able to sing harmonies would also be damned handy if you can.