A Bit of Housekeeping... 

Over a year ago, I released the download version of 'The River and the Burial Ground' to some very nice reviews from those who heard it - so thank you for those.  2020 was going to be spent doing things to promote the album and release the CD version, but of course, all hell broke loose, all music stopped unless you were prepared to sing into a phone, and a solid nothing happened instead. 

In the time since, quite a lot has happened here and prodded me to think about using the website slightly differently.  There'll be new pages soon, which will attempt to fold some other subjects into the broader focus on the music, and new music too, eventually, including a little live project that's being mulled over.  Whether anyone will see it or hear it is another matter.  There was steady traffic to this page a couple of years ago, but I haven't edited it for a year, have had to stop playing gigs, have almost entirely absented myself and any mention of it from an admittedly low social media profile, and it's currently at a trickle.  Nonetheless, it feels worthwhile for its own sake at present, so I'll proceed as planned and see if we can get something more worthwhile going again.

The background picture is a candid shot of me, caught while I was waiting for inspiration to strike.  More soon...

The River and the Burial Ground

Jon McDevitt

Unapologetically niche, but refuses to be pigeon-holed. One could compile an exhaustive list of bleak yet brilliant icons who might inspire here, but it would do a disservice to the originality and absence of agenda. A veritable pick 'n' mix of styles, none of which seem out of place, and all of which deserve attention. Hints of pastoral Kinks, of Squeeze's lyrical playfulness, some of the acoustic loveliness you might associate with Nick Drake or Paul Simon, and direct, simple, appealingly childlike melodies.  Brit-noir.
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