Jon McDevitt

Jon - Vocals, guitar, various other bits.

Good evening. As there is the distinct possibility that you are absolutely unfamiliar with me and have arrived by accident whilst searching for medical advice, I will try, as succinctly as possible, to explain things. If this is of no interest whatsoever, skip to the gigs or the hemorrhoids page or something. Absolutely no offence will be taken. I won't even know unless you tell me.

For anybody (and I gather there were a few) who has sailed in here looking for Geist, they haven't really existed for 10 years now, but we've recently reconvened in all but name and new music will be released from November 2016.

If you were misguided enough to come here looking for Jon McDevitt, you've found me and I'll try to be brief. I'm no longer staring at my forties from the preferred direction and I play music full time, whether it be at pubs, parties, or in homes and centres for the elderly, people with disabilities, dementia etc. There's so much more to say about the latter, but for the sake of saving space I'll just say that it's something I'm very grateful to have fallen into.  I also write and record a lot of music and have provided for various small films and projects over the years, as well as one television programme, Channel 5's 'A Different Life'. 

I'm now involved in producing a 2016 Christmas single, a children's song - the theme for Prime8, an educational eco-adventure game and website being launched in January 2017 and an album and further single to be released later in the year. 

Aside from all this, I graduated from Harvard in 1984 and, following a brief spell as an acrobat in Beruit, I became a famous dog trainer in the early nineties. I also invented the shoe (awaiting patent) in 1996 and like to read in my spare time.

Neill Tupman - Guitar

This is Neill. Neill has played in numerous bands, many of them very noisy, since the very early 1990's. He also tones it down a bit and records marvellous guitar and slide guitar work on these songs. Not only that, but also he meets me for beers and invites me for dinner.  Be like Neill.

Anna Jenkins - Violin

Anna has been a session musician and music teacher for the past 10 years, specialising in live performance, studio recordings, private violin tuition and teaching in schools across the South of England.

She began Violin studies at the age of 9, progressing through ABRSM exams and completing her Bmus(hons) performance degree at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music in 2005. After leaving Trinity, She began her career as a session Violinist and Violist and travelled the world as a result, performing at various events including the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, and venues such as London's 02 Arena and Abbey Road Studios.

She played in Geist somewhere in the middle of all this and I'm very fortunately able to still borrow her from time to time.

Matt Francis - Bass

Matt is the only member of the band who didn't see fit to join Geist, much as we begged and pleaded.  His brother joined, but Matt opted to join all sorts of other bands instead.  Now that Geist is no more and hasn't functioned in any meaningful way since 2006, he's decided to join. We're wondering if we've passed some sort of test he never mentioned.

Stuart Francis - Drums / Percussion

Stu plays on ships and in hotels all over the world and is very difficult to nail down for recording sessions, due to being very much in demand.  He tried going to college to learn more about drumming, but they said he was better than the teachers they had and would he like to be one.  He tried it but prefers drumming on ships and in hotels all over the world.

Dave Coston - Piano / Mellotron / guitar / bass etc

Dave is a co-writer, long-suffering collaborator, splendid pianist and player of whichever instruments no one else is around to play. We've recorded several tracks and performed a fair amount just as a duo. We've also spent many hours fixing up knackered studio equipment and cursing computers. Dave has, like Stu, played on lots of ships.  He also has the finest collection of absolutely amazing old 7" singles and another of absolutely terrible films on DVD. Really. The worst.